Priority Points


The UC Irvine Athletics priority point system exists to reward those individuals and donor entities that have made a commitment to UC Irvine Athletics. The new Priority Points Program will ensure that our members are rewarded for their generosity, loyalty and continued support in a fair, equitable and positive manner.The system provides objectivity and equity in determining donor status where donor requests exceed the available inventory.  Such cases include but are not limited to: requests for new season tickets, improvement of existing seat location, away game and post-season ticket allocation.

It is important to note that while the UC Irvine Athletics Department calculates your priority point total, it is you, the fan and donor that determines your priority point standing*.


Consecutive Years of Season Ticket Purchases*

1 point per year per sport (number of tickets purchased are not considered in the equation) 

*All season ticketed sports: men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s volleyball, and baseball    

Consecutive Years of Donating 

2 points For every consecutive year of restricted or unrestricted years of giving

Current Year Unrestricted Giving (Anteater Athletic Fund)

1 point For every $100 given to the AAF in the current year

Current Year Giving to Specific Sport (restricted)

 0.5 points For every $100 given to a specific sport program

Cumulative (lifetime) Giving

 1 point For every $100 given to athletics in an accounts life

Priority points will be refreshed and recalculated twice a year: August 1st and January 1st. Priority points include only actual dollars received; pledges are not included in priority point calculations until they are paid in full.


Example 1:

Example 2: Continuation of Example 1

Donor “Peter the Anteater”- 2016 giving

Donor “Peter the Anteater”- 2017, the next year

  • Gave $500 to the Anteater Athletic Fund in 2016 (current year)
  • Gave $50 to the Anteater Athletic Fund in 2017 (current year)
  • Has had season tickets for 10 consecutive years in basketball and baseball
  • Has had season tickets for 11 consecutive years in basketball and baseball
  • 2016 is only his second consecutive year of giving
  • 2017 is his third consecutive year of giving
  • Peter gave $100 to men’s soccer in 2016 (restricted gift)
  • Peter gave $25 to men’s soccer in 2017 (restricted gift)
  • Peter’s lifetime giving is $2,500
  • Peter’s lifetime giving is $2,575



5 + 20 + 4 + 0.5 + 25 = 54.5 is Peter’s point total for 2016

0.5 + 22 + 6 + 0.125 + 25.75 = 54.375 is Peter’s point total for 2017*

*Please note that the current point total is not added to the previous year’s point total.  Points are recalculated each year-
so if a donor’s giving amounts drops, their point totals may also drop.


Beginning with the 2013-14 athletic season, the availability of postseason, away game and neutral site game tickets will also be determined by the Priority Points Program. At times, tickets to these games are exceptionally limited, so your ranking within the system will be key to obtaining tickets.


Your Priority Point ranking and Priority Point totals can be viewed on-line by logging into your "My Account". Your ranking is shown as it relates to the total number of active donors within UCI Athletics.

The best way to improve your ranking status is to increase contributions to the Anteater Athletic Fund. Members can also increase points and rank by continuing to give on an annual basis (consecutive years of giving), creating an endowment, giving to a capital project, etc.

If you have questions regarding the status and calculation of your priority points, or if you need assistance logging into your "My Account" please call the Athletic Development office at (949) 824-6933. 

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