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KUCI is proud to host the live Internet Stream for UC Irvine Athletics!
Times listed are Pacific Time

Date Sport Time    KUCI stream   Internet Only  TV
11/3 Women's Basketball vs. Occidental 7:30 PM   Hi     Low      
11/7 Men's Basketball vs. Vanguard 7:00 PM   Hi     Low      
11/10 Women's Basketball vs. La Verne 7:00 PM   Hi     Low      
11/13 Men's Basketball vs. UC San Diego 7:00 PM   Hi     Low      
11/15 Men's Basketball vs. Loyola Marymount 5:00 PM   Hi     Low      
11/15 Women's Basketball vs. St. John's 2:00 PM   Hi     Low      
11/18 Men's Basketball at Central Florida 4:00 PM   Hi     Low      
11/19 Women's Basketball at Southern Utah 6:00 PM   Hi     Low      
11/21 Women's Basketball at UNLV 2:00 PM   Hi     Low      
11/23 Men's Basketball vs. Santa Clara 7:00 PM   Hi     Low      
11/26 Men's Basketball vs. Boise State 1:00 PM   Hi     Low      
11/27 Men's Basketball vs. Boston College 12:00 PM
  Hi     Low      
11/27 Women's Basketball vs Princeton
1:00 PM       Hi      Low  
11/28 Women's Basketball at LMU
1:00 PM   Hi     Low      
11/29 Men's Basketball vs. Evansville
11:30 AM
  Hi     Low      
12/4 Men's Basketball at Pacific 7:00 PM   Hi     Low      
12/4 Women's Basketball vs. Northern Arizona 7:00 PM       Hi      Low  
12/6 Men's Basketball at Saint Mary's 4:00 PM   Hi     Low      
12/6 Women's Basketball vs. Nevada 2:00 PM             Low  
12/12 Men's Basketball at Utah State 6:00 PM   Hi     Low    Hi  
12/12 Women's Basketball vs. San Diego Christian 2:00 PM   Hi     Low      
12/14 Women's Basketball vs. Grand Canyon 7:00 PM   Hi     Low      
12/15 Men's Basketball at Oregon 8:00 PM   Hi     Low      
12/16 Women's Basketball at UCLA 7:00 PM   Hi     Low      
12/18 Men's Basketball vs. Chapman 7:00 PM   Hi     Low      
12/20 Women's Basketball at San Jose State 2:00 PM   Hi     Low      
12/21 Men's Basketball vs. Sam Houston State 4:00 PM   Hi     Low      
12/22 Men's Basketball vs. Norfolk State 6:00 PM   Hi     Low      
12/22 Women's Basketball at Sacramento State 2:00 PM       Hi      Low  
12/28 Women's Basketball at USC 7:00 PM   Hi     Low      
12/29 Men's Basketball at Kansas 6:00 PM   Hi           
1/2 Men's Basketball vs. New Mexico State 7:30 PM   Hi     Low      
1/3 Women's Basketball at Bakersfield 1:00 PM   Hi     Low      
1/7 Men's Basketball vs. UC Davis 7:30 PM   Hi     Low      
1/7 Women's Basketball at UC Riverside 5:00 PM   Hi     Low      
1/9 Men's Basketball vs. UC Riverside 8:00 PM   Hi     Low      
1/9 Women's Basketball vs. Cal Poly 2:00 PM   Hi     Low      
1/14 Men's Basketball at Long Beach State 7:30 PM   Hi     Low      
1/14 Women's Basketball at UC Davis 5:30 PM       Hi     Low  
1/16 Men's Basketball at UC Santa Barbara 4:00 PM   Hi     Low      
1/16 Women's Basketball vs. Long Beach State 2:00 PM       Hi     Low  
1/20 Men's Basketball vs. Cal State Fullerton 7:30 PM   Hi     Low      
1/21 Women's Basketball vs. Hawaii 7:00 PM   Hi     Low      
1/23 Women's Basketball at Cal State Fullerton Approx. 6:45 PM   Hi     Low      
1/27 Men's Basketball at CSUN 7:00 PM   Hi     Low      
1/28 Women's Basketball vs. CSUN 7:00 PM   Hi     Low      
1/30 Men's Basketball vs UC Santa Barbara 7:00 PM   Hi     Low      
1/30 Women's Basketball at Hawaii 7:30 PM          Hi      Low  
2/3 Men's Basketball at Cal Poly 7:00 PM   Hi     Low      
2/6 Women's Basketball at Cal Poly 4:00 PM   Hi     Low      
2/11 Men's Basketball at Hawaii 10:00 PM   Hi     Low      
2/11 Women's Basketball vs. UC Santa Barbara 7:00 PM   Hi     Low      
2/13 Men's Basketball vs. CSUN 7:00 PM   Hi     Low      
2/13 Women's Basketball at CSUN 4:00 PM   Hi     Low      
2/17 Men's Basketball at Cal State Fullerton 7:00 PM   Hi     Low      
2/20 Men's Basketball vs. Hawaii 8:30 PM
  Hi     Low      
2/20 Women's Basketball vs. Cal State Fullerton 2:00 PM   Hi     Low      
2/24 Men's Basketball vs. Long Beach State 7:00 PM   Hi     Low      
2/25 Women's Basketball at UC Santa Barbara 4:00 PM   Hi     Low      
2/27 Men's Basketball at UC Davis 9:00 PM
  Hi     Low      
2/27 Women's Basketball at Long Beach State 12:30 PM
  Hi     Low      
3/3 Men's Basketball vs. Cal Poly 8:30 PM   Hi     Low      
3/3 Women's Basketball vs. UC Riverside 5:30 PM   Hi     Low      
3/5 Men's Basketball at UC Riverside 2:00 PM   Hi     Low      
3/5 Women's Basketball vs. UC Davis 2:00 PM       Hi     Low  
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