Santora Elite Training Center

Santora Elite Training Center



The Santora Elite Training Center (SET Center) opened in Fall 2013.  This 8,500 square foot weight room allows UC Irvine's 350 Division 1 student-athletes to train year round to become bigger, stronger, faster, and leaner that their competitors. The new SET Center allows for injured student-athletes to rehabilitate in a safer, faster, and more effective manner by having access to non-impact exercise machines and cardio vascular equipment. Quality strength and conditioning programs are a vital component for consistent success in college athletics and the SET Center is dedicated to developing every individual to achieve maximum results. The SET Center provides resistance training, speed development, conditioning, and flexibility workouts based on the latest research and sport-specific training methods. Anteaters can also focus on their agility and flexibility while training at the recently constructed outdoor CrossFit course next to Crawford Field. For more information, please click here.


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Emergency Plan

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