Anteater Stadium

Anteater Stadium


Anteater Stadium is home to the UC Irvine track & field and soccer programs. The stadium possesses many dual sport amenities with terraces accommodating 2,500 spectators, an LED scoreboard, and Musco stadium lighting.  The soccer pitch, boasting dimensions of 120 yds x 72 yds, is comprised of well-manicured 419 bermuda grass.

Our game day fan experience is enhanced with music and commentary provided from the media station located at midfield with an unblocked, elevated vantage point. The stadium also includes generous concessions areas and restrooms to accommodate sellout crowds.

 UC Irvine's track specifications:

  • Tartan encapsulated polyurethane track surface engineered to meet the intense demands of competition
  • Eight (8) lanes each 48'' wide with a 70' High Jump approach
  • Two (2) Long/Triple Jumps with 180' approaches
  • Pole Vault has a 170' approach
  • Javelin has a 120' approach
  • Long/Triple Jump and pole-vault runways, as well as the Sprints and Hurdles, run West to East
  • Ninety-five percent of the time, prevailing winds blow out of the West


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